Matrix<->Discord bridge


An Matrix<->Discord bridge for receiving and sending Discord messages with Matrix-client.

Set up

  • Get Power Level 50 in Matrix room (not sure why bridge wants that..)
  • You also need to be admin at Discord channel or have a admin to help you
  • Get a invite link from one of admins at Don't spread the link as it can be used to invite the bot to any Discord room.
  • Invite the bridge to your Discord server using the link. The bridge will need all the permissions selected.
  • Invite to your Matrix room. The bot should have permissions to invite users.
  • Open the text channel you'd like to bridge in the Discord web application.
  • In the address bar there should be a URL like
  • Use that as a reference to say in your Matrix room !discord bridge ServerID ChannelID
  • The bridge will ask for confirmation on Discord side, and after approved your room should be bridged to Discord.