Matrix<->Google Messages bridge

Up to date info about Mautrix-gmessages itself:


An Matrix<->Google Messages bridge for receiving and sending Google Messages (both SMS and RCS) with Matrix-client, Pairs with Google Messages app included in most Android phones, also installable from Play-store.

Special notes

This bridge uses the GMessages API, so your phone must be connected to the internet for the bridge to work. This is not stand alone bridge.

Set up

  • Start a chat with the bridge bot The bot should say "This room has been registered as your bridge management/status room." if you started the chat correctly.
  • Write login to the room.
  • Log in by scanning the QR code with Google Messages app. If the code expires before you scan it, the bridge will send an error to notify you.
    • Open Google Messages on your phone.
    • Tap Burger-menu and select Device pairing.
    • Tap "QR code scanner" -button.
    • Point your phone at the image sent by the bot to capture the code.
  • Finally, the bot should inform you of a successful login and the bridge should start creating portal rooms for all your SMS and RCS "chats".

Double puppeting

For homeserver users this bridge does double-puppeting automatically.