Matrix<->Telegram bridge

Up to date info about Mautrix-telegram itself:


An Matrix<->Telegram bridge for receiving and sending Telegram messages with Matrix-client, bridging groupchats, puppeting, relaybot... Full integration.

Set up

For using own Telegram through Matrix:

  • On Matrix: Open chat with
  • help gives you available commands, usually start with login
  • There is multiple ways of using and commanding the bot, so refer Mautrix-telegram wiki

Double puppeting

For homeserver users this bridge does double-puppeting automatically.

For bridging Matrix channel to Telegram group:

  • On Matrix: Invite to Matrix-room to be bridged
  • On Telegram: invite @hacklabbridgebot to channel
  • On Matrix: Get the ID of the Telegram chat with the !tg id and the Telegram-bot should answer with group ID.
  • On Matrix: Run !tg bridge <chat ID> in the room you want to bridge.
  • Refer Mautrix-telegram wiki for detailed up to date instructions